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Clair d'Étoile - 2014
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Clair d’Étoile is a work for solo piano inspired by French impressionist composer Claude Debussy. This work features pentatonic melodic elements, sweeping arpeggios, and subtle rubato characteristic of the impressionist style. This composition evokes the tender, shimmering romance of a warm starlit night.

Profane Melodie and Lament - 2015
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Profane Melodie and Lament is composed for solo bassoon and explores organic lines, asymmetrical meter, and free tonality.

Christopher Pawlowski, bassoon

Noël - 2014
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Noël is a work for full choir. It is a text setting of a poem by the American poet Richard Watson Gilder, and explores melisma and the limits of strictly tonal harmony within a choral setting.

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